Using Videos to Apply to Job Postings

We have had significant success using brief YouTube videos to advertise new job opportunities since busy people don’t have the time or interest to read lengthy job descriptions that they receive on a routine basis. The same principle holds for would-be candidates who are interested in pursuing jobs posted online. Recruiters and HR personnel view hundreds of emailed applications each week, most of which are sent by applicants who are nowhere near qualified for the opening. It is time consuming and laborious to screen through the time-waster applications to find the few that are legitimate and worthy of consideration. So what does a qualified, legitimate candidate do in order to stand out and ensure they don’t get lost in the flood of applications?

One innovative approach is to include a brief video about your qualifications and motivation in addition to your resume. When the screener on the receiving end of the email sees a Subject line that states “see attached video listing specific qualifications that match your job description,” they will be much more likely to pay attention and want to learn more about you. It’s very unlikely that an unqualified poser who sends out his/her resume to every interesting job posting is going to take the time to make a customized video explaining why they are fit for any given job opening. This novel approach and extra effort will stand out and get noticed, particularly if you include non-resume information in your video about why you are interested in making a job change, why you have made job changes in the past, and your interest in working for that specific company at that particular level (you can also include information about relocation and salary flexibility if appropriate).

A few things to remember: ensure you have a professional background in the picture and don’t type out your comments and try to read them like a teleprompter. Your face is too close to the camera and people will see your eyes tracking as you read. So you will need to practice your presentation and deliver your points from memory, looking straight at the camera, as if you were leaving a compelling voicemail message. The video should not last for more than 90 seconds or you will lose their interest.

For folks who have an interest in creating a more polished video resume that you can send along with your normal document there are plenty of resources out there that can be useful – for a fee, typically. There is one particularly good organization called Corporate Warriors that has been established to help displaced Chief level personnel find new opportunities, through the use of professional resume consultation, insightful and attractive blogging techniques, and high-quality video production. You can visit them at

If you do this right and customize your comments for each specific opening you will differentiate yourself from nearly everyone else who either will not or cannot do this. The key is to first understand that you have to be legitimately interested in and qualified for the opening. I hope these suggestions are helpful and look forward to your comments or questions.

Dave Murphy
The Alpine Group


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